Old Time Rock n Roll is indeed
the largest oldies podcast in the world.
For the last ten years producer and
host Lee Douglas has brought  
something new  to the old music of the 50's,
 60's and Early 70's. Variety; We have
largest library of music of those
25 years. We never over play our
songs. Each show is themed so
the range and choices of songs
are always different, blending hits,near
hits and obscure songs with wit, affection
and true reverence. Now we head into
 year twelve, we have added features that
 entice the listener to assume a larger role
 in what is played. Join
Lee each week all over the internet
on many networks and
outlets to enjoy the latest shows
and go to the archives to hear over 700 shows
dating back to the very beginning.
This is Old Time Rock n Roll.

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WROCK Radio: The largest rock n roll internet radio network: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9-11 PM
Podbean: One of the original podcast networks
Podbay.FM: Clean looking site with 100's of episodes available in a concise list on one page.

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For the past eleven years senior citizen, and teacher turned internet DJ, Lee Douglas, has helped lead the fight for a resurgence of Oldies music across the country “You take 500 songs and play them over and over again nation-wide and eventually people are going to tire of it and tune out.” He believes that the lack of variety is what killed oldies radio. That and the fact that most program directors aren’t old enough to remember even the Beatles so naturally anything before that doesn’t exist in their minds. The baby boomers have very little choice; of course there is satellite radio if they can afford it. So Old Time Rock n Roll was born, to give oldies lovers an alternative.

Despite being the largest internet and podcast oldies show around the world, Old Time Rock n Roll, he has set his sights on being even bigger. “Everyday people come up to me and say I wish I could listen to you while I am driving to work”, Douglas says. Now Lee has partnered with Stitcher radio, to have the show streamed to any type of cell phone on the market. And with the new technology in today's cars anything is possible. Add this to ten podcast and two internet radio networks and he can be heard almost anywhere. Today Lee’s focus is all music. His goal is to make the music of the 50’s and 60’s “cool” again. In October of 2006 he began his new career as a disc jockey and proponent of the new podcast medium.

He researches each singer and each song to provide background for each show. On November 2006, he went on the air. By January 2007 he had garnered a listenership of 25,000 world-wide, with an incredible 25% of his fans in the UK and Australia. This October, Lee celebrates the start of his 12th year on the internet. His dedication and request shows, where listeners can ask for songs and try and challenge him to find and play long forgotten and obscure classics, he continues to add and astound listeners with a fresh approach to old music.. Over 2,000,000 music starved souls have now listened or downloaded OTRNR.

Douglas, who grew up in Brooklyn right around the birth of rock & roll and spent some time trying to become a professional wrestler, today, carries himself as equal parts cocky and embattled. He’s confident in what he has to offer, but he has set his sights on the nearly unbreakable market of commercial radio. He tends to feel the brick walls he hits especially hard. “I will do this show until they have to carry me out on a gurney,” Douglas writes on his blog. “Many would have already given up, but I “ain’t “that smart”, he quips.”
Oldies music has a new champion that promises his listeners that the greatest music and performers of our lifetime will not be forgotten. As Lee himself puts it, “I play music of a better time in all our lives, when the toughest problem we had was getting a date for Saturday night.”